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Class of students in green shirts at the fourth grade track meet

Welcome to Akin Elementary

Welcome to Akin Elementary, proudly serving grades K-4 in Wylie ISD. Home of the Can Do Kids, we are dedicated to fostering a collaborative culture with a focus on learning for all and a commitment to continuous improvement. At Akin Elementary, we strive to create an environment where every student is encouraged to achieve their best and embody the values of kindness, respect, and fairness.

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Akin Elementary students and staff are truly remarkable, and we take pride in highlighting their accomplishments and achievements. Read the great news happening in our school and district.

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Learn what students, staff, families, and community members love most about Akin Elementary and Wylie ISD and the positive impact our district has made on their lives.

  • Staff Member
Brianna Elder
I have been a part of Wylie ISD since 2005. I started kindergarten at Akin Elementary and went through a student aspect and now starting my first year of teaching here. This is my dream! I loved going to school growing up because of the environment, the teachers, and everyone involved, and now I get to see that from an educator's point of view.
I love that every school has the feeling of a home. I enjoy waking up and going to work every day to see all my colleagues and the students. Most of all, I love the support from everyone in every situation! The resources offered and the emotional support offered. I wouldnít want to be anywhere else!
Brianna Elder


  • Parent
Amanda Regalado
I would like to sing the highest praises for four extraordinary teachers my kids had last year: First and second, Mrs. Jill Palomino & Mrs. Catey Marcom changed my child's life this year. The care, kindness, understanding, and love these two showed my kiddo brought out the best in her. She went from struggling in school to all As and Bs - and most importantly she loved school for the very first time.
Third, Mr. Quincy Riley at Harrison goes above and beyond for his students in so many ways. The care he takes to make sure they feel heard & understood is rare and beautiful.
Fourth, Mr. Davis Ponjuan at Harrison has made band such a fun and inspiring experience for my new instrumentalist. The joy and community he creates in his class is amazing and exemplary!
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  • Student
Andii Workman
I LOVE how safe and well the security is in this district. Having a mother and brother who work and attend Akin, I feel that safety and security of students and staff at all schools matter. Students come to school to learn, not to focus or worry about what could happen to them during lessons. I feel that Wylie ISD does quite a good job at doing just that.
Andii Workman


  • Staff Member
Mrs. Jordan Alexander
Akin Elementary has been amazing for both of my kids. They have been great at keeping us up to date on upcoming events. My kids love going to school to see their teachers. Everyone at Cooper Junior High has been so welcoming. They are all checking in on me to make sure that I have everything I need to help myself and the students that I am serving. The administrators are always visible and willing to help at the drop of a hat no matter what they are doing at the time. Wylie East High School has amazing teachers who go out of their way to help each other and their students.
Jordan Alexander